June 22, 2024

Nipple Protectors For Breastfeeding

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Nipple protectors, sometimes called nursing shields or nipple covers, can be just as essential to breastfeeding as your maternity knickers and nursing bra. Designed to hug the nipple with ultra-thin silicone material, these mommy-approved nipple shields can help reduce sore or cracked nipples. They also come with a protective case to keep them clean and sanitary between uses. If you’re experiencing breastfeeding difficulties like poor latching or an overactive let down, nipple shields can be helpful tools for short-term fixes.

While nipple shields aren’t the only solution for breastfeeding issues, they’re often effective tools to try with a lactation consultant’s guidance. They’re especially helpful for women with short, flat or inverted nipples or a tongue-tie or lip tie that interferes with latching. They can also be useful for new mothers who aren’t producing enough milk or experience sore nipples, or those who are transitioning from bottles to breastfeeding.

If you’re new to using nipple shields, try inverting them slightly before placing them on the breast. Experts say this trick creates a little suction that helps draw the nipple into the shield and hold it in place. You can also try running the shield under hot water to soften it and make it easier to fit on the nipple.

The Mama Bear Premium nipple shield is another of Truly Mama’s top picks for easing sore or cracked nipples. Its ultra-thin, super-soft and flexible material can fit any size nipple and stay in place while you nurse. It can also be sterilized in the microwave or with boiling water to keep it clean between uses. It’s BPA, PVC and phthalate-free and has a cutout near the tip to allow skin-to-skin contact during breastfeeding. nipple protectors for breastfeeding

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