June 22, 2024

Kiwi Strawberry – A Fruity Kiwi Strain With a Balanced Profile

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A sweet splash of strawberry and a tropical burst of kiwi make this dual-flavoured soft chew a treat for the senses. Each piece is packed with 5mg CBD and 1mg THC for a powerfully therapeutic experience.

Kiwifruit has grown from an ornamental curiosity brought to New Zealand by Isabel Fraser in 1904, through the development of Hayward Wright cultivars, to a crop of international economic importance. It is a low energy, nutritionally dense fruit, and its high vitamin C content is particularly important in a world of highly processed foods.

The cannabis market is full of strains that cater to every palate and preference. One of these is the enticing Kiwi Strawberry, a fruity strain with a balanced profile that promises an authentic cannabis experience.

The onset of effects from this strain is slow but steady, with an uplifting mood boost and a relaxing body buzz coming on in tandem. It’s an ideal choice for socializing and creative endeavors, and could even help alleviate stress.

While this strain can be enjoyed as a smoking or vaping experience, it also lends itself well to Delta 8 gummies. These products provide a different kind of experience, with an added layer of convenience and longevity. They’re great for beginners, as they offer a more gradual and controlled experience, without the need to inhale. This allows users to slowly increase their dosage and find the right balance that best suits their desired high. strawberry kiwi strain

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