June 25, 2024

Inspirational Designs Rings

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Whether you’re looking for spiritual encouragement or a reminder of your faith, MJJ Brilliant has inspirational designs rings that speak to the heart and mind. Explore these unique heirloom-quality sterling silver rings to find the perfect piece for you or someone special.

Inspirational jewelry often features engraved quotes and sayings that inspire, motivate and encourage those who wear them. The messages may be a reminder of a significant person in your life, a message you wish to share or an inspiring quote that reminds you to believe in yourself.

Jewelers have always found sources of inspiration for their designs. Historically, many of these were natural elements, from tree branches and leaves to sea creatures and the heavenly bodies. Other jewelry makers encrusted their pieces with ornamental writing, like the French artist Line Vautrin, who carved images and pictograms into the surfaces of cigarette holders and powder boxes she designed. These were called rebusses, and they used letters, numbers and images to form proverbs and sayings such as “silence is golden” or the old saying that the devil finds work for idle hands.

More recently, jewelry designers have found innovative ways to encrypt and encode messages on their pieces. Nicola Brand, for example, uses barcodes on her jewelry to send private messages to the people who wear her pieces. The messages appear to be clear, graphic and cool on the surface, but they have hidden meaning that can only be interpreted by the person who wears the ring. inspirational designs rings

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