June 22, 2024

Button Head Cap Screw

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Button head socket cap screw is a type of screw with a raised head and hexagonal drive hole, typically driven with an allen wrench or hex key. The raised head provides a better grip and prevents loosening or dropping of the screw, and the drive style makes it easier to apply more torque than a standard slotted machine screw with a smaller hex head. Button head socket cap screws are commonly used in automotive, electronics and machinery applications due to their durability and versatility.

They are often used in situations where a flush appearance is important, or the clamping material is too thin to countersink a screw. They are also good for use when there isn’t much clearance to fit a socket set screw with a hex head.

Compared to other fasteners, button head cap screws tend to be stronger, have a larger bearing surface and a shallower c’bore. They’re also able to be tightened to higher torque specifications, and they have no protrusions that might catch on the operator’s skin or clothing.

These high strength fasteners are available in a variety of materials, including 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel and black oxide 18-8 stainless steel. They offer excellent chemical resistance and may be mildly magnetic. They are often used in electrical, medical and industrial applications, such as electronics devices, motor mounts, pumps and conveyor systems. They are also useful in fastening parts that will be exposed to the elements, such as outdoor furniture and appliances. button head cap screw

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